Goodwin Competition Has Expanded

We are excited to announce that our new 6700 square foot addition is completed! This new facility will allow us to offer expanded services and will give us the room to restructure our shop flow and make it more efficient from items being brought in to the finished product. Goodwin Competition will be better equipped to handle all of your racing engine needs and will be able to supply you with plenty of horsepower.

Along with our CNC programming and development upgrades, we have a complete inspection & CMM room. We have also purchased a new Newen Countour Fixed Turning Machine for our Cylinder Head Development and operations.

We have added a 2nd Engine Dyno, a Dyno-Dynamics chassis Dyno and also have a motorcylce dyno on site.


What we are

Goodwin Competition was established in 1984. In 1985, a flow bench was purchased and hundreds of hours a month were spent on developing cylinder heads, intake manifolds and camshaft combinations. In the summer of 1986, our 440 powered super stock Dodge Dart ran two-tenths under the national record at Indianapolis Raceway Park. From 1987 thru 1990, the pace was set with wheel standings, low elapsed times, and high miles per hour that terrorized the asphalt.

Realizing this potential, the 'Dodge test car" was sold and the business expanded. Understanding that our customers wanted more than just breathing packages, a complete machine shop evolved. With a relentless pursuit of perfection our engines not only dominated the industry, but they made a statement everywhere they have appeared. During that time almost sixty percent of our business went to other privately contracted engine builders.

Our products have ultimately played a key factor in winning many championships in Drag Racing, Truck & Tractor Pulling, Oval Track, Off road, and Power Boating.

We have a fully equipped, state of the art machine shop and are set up to do R&D, as well as prototype work. Custom machine work includes CNC machining of cylinder heads & blocks, 5 axis CNC porting, CNC manifold porting and custom piston profiling. We specialize in proprietary development for other teams and engine builders on a personal and individual basis, to us customers are not considered just a number.

IN 1999 our new facility was under way and completed in March of 2003, at which time we installed a new DTS Power Mark Dyno. Our facility is one of the most sophisticated technical centers in the country. We have DTS Power Mark Dyno's, as well as a chassis Dyno and five CNC Machines. One of our newest interests is computerized fuel injection and we have been working to develop new systems using this technology.

We have been developing the All Star 708 all aluminum engine for the past three years, and one of our current projects is preparing a GM & Dodge program for 3 Pro Classes in Real Street, X-Treme Street and Pro Stock for a 3 car team in Pro Edelbrock & NCMA's Fastest Streetcar classes.

To utilize our expertise, commitment, and dedication with state of the art facilities and vast resources, Goodwin Competition would be your best choice to get you in the winner circle.


Todd Goodwin



What we can do

What WE can do for YOU at Goodwin Competition, inc.

Cylinder Head Modifications

Designed Exclusive for Your application

Flow bench Service - Line Honing - Boring - Balancing

Complete Engine Assembly - To assure all tolerances are correct

We help you put together the best combination for your application

Complete Machine Shop - Five CNC's & Two Dyno's

A Chassis Dyno as well as an Engine Dyno

Spin Tron (When failure is not an option) Dyno Testing

The FARO Edge takes portable metrology to the next level.

All work performed in house for Top Quality Products




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