500 & 510ci GM Gen IV LS Racing Engines:

These aluminum competition quality street/strip assemblies are dyno certified and run on pump gas with no knock. Starting with a professional quality RHS aluminium block and custom CNC ported heads, this engine is fitted with the highest quality race parts available. This engine is totally complete, from the oil pan to the CNC ported throttle body. Engine comes with standard limited warranty.






• Over 730 hp & 683 ft-lbs of torque on pump gas

• Dart Aluminum Block

• Custom Sleeves (510ci only)

• Callies Magnum 4340 Forged Steel Crankshaft

• Callies  4340 Rods with ARP2000 Bolts

• Diamond or Mahle Forged Pistons (10.9:1)

• Custom Brodix Aluminum Head castings with proprietarty CNC Porting

• Severe Duty  Stem Valves & Titanium Retainers

• Race Quality Valvetrain Components

• Custom Comp Cams or Howards Hydraulic Roller Cam

• Bronze Lifter Bore Bushings (510ci only)

• Cloyes True Roller Timing Set

• Jesel, TND Machine, or Crower Shaft Rockers

Custom Billet Aluminum Valve Covers

• CNC Ported Drive-by-Wire Throttle Body

• Ported Intake Manifold

• ATI Super Damper

• Clevite H-Series Bearings

• Total Seal Rings

• Premium Gaskets (MLS Head Gaskets)

• Internally Balanced

• ARP Fasteners

• Also Available with Carburetor

• Too Many Parts To List All. Please Contact Us For More Information

• Professionally Blueprinted and Assembled

• Custom Builds Also Available

Ordering Information:

GDW96525500 – LS500, 500ci, 730hp/683ft-lbs torque (10.9:1): Starting At $26,995.00

GDW96525502 – LS500, 500ci, 800hp/742ft-lbs torque (12.3:1): Starting at $30,995.00

GDW96525500 – LS510, 510ci, 775+hp: Please Contact Us For Pricing