Goodwin Engine of Platinum 388 Skater ‘Rainmaker’ On the Dyno

Courtesy of Power Boat Nation

The pursuit of perfection and the work to make something the very best it can be takes time, dedication, persistence and determination (to steal from Calvin).

Todd Goodwin continues to press on and bring the absolute very best to his engine product line. For a few months now the engines going into the next Platinum 388 Skater “RainMaker” have been undergoing extensive testing with a new engine management system. This system with high speed processors is completely programmable and has the ability to deliver hundreds of millions of instructions to the engine per second.

The new Skater owner “Rainmaker”, Chris Bradly is eager and optimistic the time taken to develop this new system will pay back in spades. “I do want my boat” said Chris “But I am not going to be the guy who pushes the engine builder to deliver something until its ready. Todd is a genius when it comes to putting this stuff together and he will tell me when its ready not the other way around.” Cutting edge takes time, money, and patience and I am working to develop that last part.” as he laughs out loud!

The Goodwin Competition Engines really are the ultimate in performance and the management system to control them is going to make a difference that will be felt every single time they blow by all of the OEM rigged boats on the water!